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MXZEHN rocks Backup.club (once again)

Bauhaus Videob├╝hne at Backup
As almost every year, the MXZEHN expirience was invited to play at one of the Backup Film Festivals club nights. After the first obligatory band (“hello weimar, we are …. and we rock” –> you wish ; ) the tables began to spin, MXZEHN VJs 34TR and optoyzMX began to rock (for real) and the audience danced til sunrise.
BVB Backup.forum
Two days later MX VJ Optoyz teamed up with The Vidness and Robert Genschorek to perform an audiovisual jam session with Tilman Porsch├╝tz at the Backup.Forum. Carried away by an enthousiastic audience, the artists confronted Tilmans improvised soundscapes with live painting in a vivid remix.

–> Backup Festival
–> Bauhausmaschine beim Backup Festival


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