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MXZEHN at Backup Festival 2010

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MXZEHN beim Backup FestivalLike almost every year, the MXZEHN VJ team was invited to add some real video avantgarde to the Backup Festival in Weimar. The Backup.club is the evening entertainment format of the festival for experimental student flix, and is enjoyed by most of Weimars party people who join the festivals visitors for three crazy nights in the E-Werk. After the funky Klinke auf Chinch, and a short, sad emotronic moment with Juli Holz (for obvious reasons releasing on “Stil vor Talent”) the local wild boys of Breakaway Collective lifted the mood sky high and rocked the crowd to the break of dawn. Respect for the massive! The lovely backup.club crew made this evening a pleasure and one of our favorite nites at the Backup, so far.
MXZEHN beim Backup Festival
MXZEHN beim Backup Festival
MXZEHN beim Backup Festival


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