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Genius Loci Weimar

Genius Loci Weimar premiers as a part of the „Weimarer Sommer“ with three days of public screening. From August 10th to 12th media artists will illuminate the so called “Fürstenhaus” on Weimars „Platz der Demokratie“ after the break of dawn. A projection show of approximately 15 Minutes evokes the history and the spirit of the [...]

Jugend forscht Bundespreisverleihungen

The Thuringian Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research [STIFT] commissioned Bauhausmaschine to create the audiovisual content for the “Jugend Forscht” Award Ceremony in Weimar and Erfurt. Together with choreographer Alessia Pinto and dancer Corentin LeFlohic Bauhausmaschine created 3 videodance performances that also served as base for the motion graphics. The rehearsals for the dance performances [...]

Beim Soundframe Festival 2009

The Videosculpture was comisioned by Vienna based Soundframe festival for the exhibition in the Kuenstlerhaus. The structure was constructed from wooden lathes, cardboard, hot glue and screws in three days by video artist Stefan Kraus (MXZEHN) and composer Marc Sauter (PSYCHON), also known as Bauhausmaschine. The sculpture was brought to live with videoprojections and multi channel audio on the evening of the vernissage.

Video Recorder


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