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Motion Memory Machine at Watergate

Dance and interactive media attract and repel each other at the same time. The challenge is to create a synesthetic art piece, in wich both disciplines – however different their methods are – melt into one unique experience for the audience, that none of them could have caused on themselves.

Kulturkirche Dt. Ev. Kirchentag

Bauhausmaschine was comissioned to develop a Light- and Videoinstallation for the period of three days during the 33. German Protestant Church Meeting in the “Church of Culture”. The idea was to play with natural sunlight as well as with artificial video light. To achieve that, the windows were covered with lighting color filters, that transformed [...]

STFU 2011 in Kassablanca

Together with the ROL DJ Team, MXZEHN moderated the first evening of this years STFU festival in Jenas Kassablanca club. The visual setup combined square kassa-screens with triangles of 45kilo, that got mapped. Local heroes like Cindy Sizer and Wesen meet artists from the uk, spain and greece, always acompanied by 25 Masterpieces per Second…

European Fashion Visuals

While Apolda is a city clearly held hostage by the decline of it’s former prosperous textile industrie, it becomes the focus of european fashion talents every three years when the Apolda European Design Award is taking place. Bauhausmaschine was invited to add another layer of fashion visualisation as background and infoscreen for the fashion show in the Apolda Stadthalle.

Studentenstadt Jena : VJ Remix

The Studentenwerk Thüringen comissioned Bauhausmaschine (Marc Sauter & Stefan Kraus) to contribute an audiovisual live performance as part of their effort to promote the student friendliness of the city of Jena and the contribution of the Studentenwerk (Kindergärten, Mensen, Housing, Support for international students and the like). The composition was first presented live at the Studentenwerk conference in Jena. These Remixes use fotographs and soundsamples collected by Stefan and Marc on their trips through Jena. The Videoclips are recorded live and unedited.

Video Recorder


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