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Die Bauhausmaschine ist keine fixe Installation sondern eigentlich ein mobiles Studio. Die Maschine kann Videokunstwerk, live Performance, Konzert und Filmvorführung sein. Online dokumentiert die Maschine hier ihre Aktionen und präsentiert ihre Sammlung.

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Studentenstadt Jena : VJ Remix

The Studentenwerk Thüringen comissioned Bauhausmaschine (Marc Sauter & Stefan Kraus) to contribute an audiovisual live performance as part of their effort to promote the student friendliness of the city of Jena and the contribution of the Studentenwerk (Kindergärten, Mensen, Housing, Support for international students and the like). The composition was first presented live at the Studentenwerk conference in Jena. These Remixes use fotographs and soundsamples collected by Stefan and Marc on their trips through Jena. The Videoclips are recorded live and unedited.

Festakt 150 Jahre zur BUW

On Oktober first, Bauhaus-University Weimar celebrated the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the first art school in Weimar. Joined by a dreamteam of talented artists Bauhausmaschine directed and produced the official “Festakt” and its artistic program. The orators were recorded in audiovisual samples and remixed by the end of the show.

Mit Jack Hosé & dem Gaswerk in Gotha

Together with the Gaswerk Team we designed all aspects of Jack Hosés live show. Although the Gotha party crowd was a little thin, we left each and everyone of them dancing and freaking on the floor at the end of an as excessive as eccentric show, which marked the end of this years “Meine Kultur” Festival by LAG Soziokultur.

MX Media Lab at Summaery 2010

The Bauhausmaschine was taking part in the 5 day MX Media Lab that was conducted by the participants of the workmodule “Raum in Bewegung”.The class was training students for the participation in the DanceMediaAcademy, an experimantal format by the Kunstfest Weimar that invites young dancers and media artists to work together. During the annual showcase of Bauhaus-University Weimar, the class was using the tower of Project- and Designworkshop Gaswerk as their temporary lab.

With the Internetoper in Bochum

With Bochum being in the very heart of Europes Cultural Capital of 2010, and the event “Extraschicht” featuring 50 locations and over 200 events all over the former industrial region, there was no lack in visitors, when Bauhausmaschine joined the team of Musiktheater im Revier, to drag the audience into an ambicious project called the [...]

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