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30 Years EFIM at Gaswerk

The Ensemble for intuitive Music celebrated their 30th anniversary at the Gaswerk, where they last played for the iconic “party==kunstraum” event in 1998. The ensemble is dedicated to “new music” and plays beyond the “classics” of this genre their own improvisations. One of those they performed live on Friday, May 27 in Weimar, accompanied by [...]

MXZEHN and ROSA ROUGH rock Adesso AG

IT trust Adesso AG commissioned MXAV to create a videoshow for their annual meeting. The installation included a 7 projector panorama, scenery for a dance piece and a stomping VJ-DJ performance by MXZEHN and the lovely DJane an singer ROSA ROUGH (who truely lived up to her last name!). The panorama installation was carefully mapped [...]

MXAV and CitrusBros map South America

For already 4 projects Caracas based agency CitrusBros teamed up with MXAV to create market leading videomappings for local and global brands. MXZEHN VJ Optoyz helped the guys over at Citrus to tame their brand new MXWendler mediaserver and introduced them into the secret arts of videomapping and realtime video performance. Optoyz on the other [...]

TanzMedienAkademie 2010

Die TanzMedienAkademie – gegründet 2007 als Forum interdisziplinärer Recherche und Produktion des Kunstfestes Weimar erprobt neue Formen der künstlerischen Zusammenarbeit zwischen Tänzern und Medienkünstlern. Unter der Leitung von Stefan Kraus bietet die Bauhaus-Universität Weimar einen Fachkurs an, der den Studierenden die Werkzeuge der Echtzeitmedienproduktion für Bühne und Event vermittelt.
Am 29. August werden die Ergebnisse eines zweiwöchigen Workshops dem Publikum des Kunstefestes im Hauptgebäude der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar vorgestellt.

MX Media Lab at Summaery 2010-

The Bauhausmaschine was taking part in the 5 day MX Media Lab that was conducted by the participants of the workmodule “Raum in Bewegung”.The class was training students for the participation in the DanceMediaAcademy, an experimantal format by the Kunstfest Weimar that invites young dancers and media artists to work together. During the annual showcase of Bauhaus-University Weimar, the class was using the tower of Project- and Designworkshop Gaswerk as their temporary lab.

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