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The work of MXAV is concentrated on the creation of immersive audiovisual, spacial experiences for unique locations, stages and purposes. The combination of art and technology creates intense and individual experiences for audiences around the world.
The live video performance MXZEHN and the audiovisual remix exhibition BAUHAUSMASCHINE are ongoing projects of research
and exploration in multidimensional media. The international audiovisual projection mapping festival Genius Loci Weimar invites media artists to make artistic videomappings for historic buildings in Weimar.

MXZEHN – 25 Masterpieces per Second
Founded in 1999 as genericPreset and renamed MXZEHN in 2003, the VJ crew has developped a very unique style, that nevertheless expands through ongoing experimentation with analogue and digital video technologies. The work of MXZEHN is not about loops and videoclips, but about realtime synthesis and creation of structures through realtime performance.

The mobile, modular exhibition-performance Bauhausmaschine was originally started to accompany the celebration of the 90th birthday of the Bauhaus’ foundation in Weimar. Bauhausmaschine is documenting , remixing and presenting images and soundsamples and remixes them into dense multilayer audiovisual compositions.

Genius Loci Weimar

The art of videomapping meets the history of a cultural city in the heart of europe.In a city like Weimar, every stone has a story. Genius Loci invites international Media Artists to tell that story – on location.

Several Videomappings and VJ Performances : CirtusBros Venezuela 2010/11

Several Videomappings and VJ Performances : CitrusBros Venezuela 2010/11

Artistic Direction & Videoshow : Adesso AG 2010

Artistic Direction & Videoshow : Adesso AG 2010

Artistic Direction & Videoshow : 150 Years of Bauhaus-Univesity Weimar

Artistic Direction : DanceMediaAcademy Kunstfest 2010

Jack Hosé Show Visuals : Tour 2010

MXZEHN VJ Performance : Soundframe Vienna 2010

Bauhausmaschine Installation : Siena 2010

Reopening of Van de Velde Building Visuals : Weimar 2010

Videclips and Mixes : Innovation Award Thuringia 2009

Videmapping Performance : Synae Gaswerk 2009

Videomapping Building : Sommerfest of Thuringian Ambassy in Berlin

Videomapping Sculpture : Mapping Festival Geneva 2009

Videomapping Sculpture : Soundframe Vienna 2009

Videomapping Sculpture : Soundframe Vienna 2009

Bauhausmaschine : Backup Festival 2009

Bauhausmaschine : SpaceKidHeadCup 2009

Bauhausmaschine : Galerie Eigenheim 2009

Videomapping Performance : Bauhaus Birthday 2009

Premiere Bauhausmaschine : Bauhaus 2009

Panoramic Installation : 10 Jahre Gaswerk 2008

Panoramic Installation : Expo Real 2008

VJ Performance : SMS 2008

RennsteigSisters Fashion MIX : 2008

MXZEHN Performance : Bach Biennale 2008

VJ Videomapping : Typogravieh lebt! 2008

IO Videomapping Installation : Induction 2008

Videomapping Jam : Gallery Eigenheim 2008

Bauhaus Installation : ITB 2008

Videomapping Installation : E Werk 2007

Video Installation : Expo Real Fair 2007

Videomapping : SuperCollider Symposium 2007

On the Road AV Installation : StadtLand Thüringen 2007

VAPOR Installation & Show : Shining Festival 2007

MXWendler Booth : ProLight+Sound 2006

MXZEHN + Seltsam&Strahler Performance : STFU Weimar 2006

VJ Performance in Jamie Lidell Musicvideo : Kaliber 16 2006

Pünk Show : Gaswerk 2005

The Age of Paper Performance : Den Haag 2005

MXZEHN Orchestra wins VJ competition : Videofestival Bochum 2005

MXZEHN : Sundance FIlm Festival 2005

The MXZEHN Orchestra : 2004

Burning Video installation : ISWI 2001

Architag Installation : EDAADE 2000

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